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Krzysztof Sobkowiak

JEE & OSS Architect, Integration Architect, open-source enthusiast, Apache Software Foundation member, Apache ServiceMix committer & PMC member, Senior Solution Architect @ Capgemini

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About me

My name is Krzysztof and I work for Capgemini Polska (Software Solutions Center in Wroclaw) as a Senior Solution Architect (middleware, system integration) in a wide variety of business applications for global customers from the logistic and sales area, with over 14 years of professional experience in designing and developing JEE systems to deal with complex, frequently changing, requirements. I specialize in design and development of JEE and open-source based core systems for the customer’s applications and integration of them with other systems.


I am particularly interested in development of high-performing, scalable, available, fault-tolerant distributed systems using open-source technology, based on integration products from the Apache Software Foundation (ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF and ServiceMix), Red Hat (the commercial JBoss Fuse, formerly Fuse ESB, and it’s free open source equivalent Fabric8) and Oracle (Oracle Service Bus).

Also interested in Java systems modularization, component based development, cloud computing, microservices.

Open Source

I’m an enthusiast of collaborative solutions, and believe working on technology in the open is key to achieving the highest quality solutions. I am a committer on a some open-source projects including Apache ServiceMix (also on PMC), OASP (also on PMC), devonfw (also on PMC). I am also engaged in Apache Karaf, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel and Apache CXF. I am also a member of the Apache Software Foundation. My goal is to make the open source way successful.


I enjoy talking about the technology that I work with and the solutions that I work on. You can find a list of past speaking engagements and slides on my talks page.


I am involved in coaching and trainings activities (Spring, OSGi, JEE, QUASAR, AOP, Software Engineering & Programming) with 4 years of experience as academic teacher in area of programming languages, compiler construction, numerical methods and document preparation systems.

How to find me

Find me on twitter (@ksobkowiak), Google (+KrzysztofSobkowiak), on freenode as ksobkowiak (#apache-servicemix, #apache-karaf).